Bois Brule River Trip

From: Doug, Chief CIALFO Travel Correspondent 

To: CIALFO Travel Desk

Subj: Dispatch from the Bois Brule River Trip

Wow, what a beauty! My cousin Al and I had an excellent trip canoeing the river from it's source, through the forest, and to its mouth emptying into the vast blue waters of Lake Superior. We took several days to explore the 44 majestic miles of the north-flowing Bois Brule River.  The same 44 miles that have beckoned me from the days of my youth visiting Al at his family's cabin in northwest Wisconsin.  

We spent the week fishing for trout, camping under the stars, taking in the glory of God, and each other in fellowship with the wildnerness.  It was not all rugged living, however, as we did spend a night in the picturesque town of Brule, Wisconsin. So picturesque that if you ever find yourself in the region, you should Check it Out!  With CIALFO in mind, as we sipped beers at the "Crow-Bar" we engaged with our barmaid, Brenda, about her views on limited government and strong borders.

However, the trip was not without its follies.  While we admired the grace of the of a white-talied doe showing its fawns the choice leaves to munch on the river banks, we unexpectedly came upon the frothy and turbulent Mays ledge.  We reacted too late and crashed into the rocks.  Oh no!  Al went tumbling over the side and dunked under the chilly water. Luckily his Cabela's Essential 2500 inflatable manual PFD kept him afloat, and he was able to reach the banks about 100 yards down stream.  I pulled the canoe to the side and clambered in, soaking wet.  We had another hour yet to paddle to the campsite, and Al grew progressively chilled while we furiously paddled our crippled vessel.  By the time we reached the campsite he was degrading rapidly into hypothermia. 

 Luckily, there was plenty of dry tinder so I built a fire.  I wrapped Al in his LL Bean Traverse 3-in-1 burrito sleeping bag as the fire began to roar.  A clear night with a new moon, Al began to doze off, still shivering.  Knowing that sharing my manly body heat was his only chance to warm up before morning, I slipped into his sleeping bag without waking him up and zipped it tight.

Never before has outdoors fellowship felt so good!