CIALFO Pick: Coloplast Active Cath®

Coloplast Active Cath®, Self-Adhering Male External Catheter Made By Menton!

Cialfo is proud to support, for the conservative outdoors man, the Active Cath®, Self-Adhering Male External Catheter.  It is a self-adhering, extended wear, one-piece catheter. Combines a shortened latex sheath with a wide, watertight adhesive seal. 

  • Shorter Sheath with Wide Adhesive Seal
  • Made with Soft Latex

Top Rated Reviews:

5-stars from Buffalo Bill in Arlington, MA!"Since I generally cannot go running off to the bathroom whenever necessary due to bladder problems from an automobile striking me back in 1992 and medication I must take the rest of my life, this item enables me to use what my wife and I call a"